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Synergy Dance Zone

Where Social Dance, Competitive Dance, & Art Come Together

Welcome to the Friendliest Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio in San Diego!

Classes for July 2018

5:30 Beginning American Foxtrot
6:15 Intermediate American Tango
7:00 Beginning Salsa *New Class
7:00 Tango Performance w/ Nicole *New Class (Starts July 9th)
7:45 Beginning Bachata *New Class

5:00 Kids & Teens Rumba *New Class
5:45 Kids & Teens Waltz *New Class
6:30 Beginning Nightclub 2 Step *New Class
7:15 Intermediate Cha-Cha *New Class
7:15 Argentine Tango w/ Brick *New Class


6:30 DVIDA Bronze International Cha-Cha *New Class
7:15 DVIDA Silver International Tango *New Class
8:00 DVIDA Gold American East Coast Swing *New Class
6:30 West Coast Swing 1 w/ Jade *New Class (Starts July 18th)
6:30 West Coast Swing 2 w/ Jade *New Class (Starts July 18th)

5:00 Kids & Teens Paso Doble *New Class
5:45 Kids & Teens Tango *New Class

2:00 - 3:30 Kids & Teens Choreography & Technique *New Class

8:30am Zumba w/ Erin *New Class

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Classes in Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, and Swing taught by award winning Teacher, Competitor, Coach, & Choreographer

Peter Edwards

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